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Ken Monks's STEENROD Program Page

This page contains my program, "STEENROD", a Maple package for computing with the Steenrod algebra. The version below also includes an extremely efficient algorithm by Vince Giambalvo for computing the Milnor basis elements in a given grading of A or An having a prescribed maximum excess. The current version has been tested with Maple 11.

Here are the latest versions of the:

  • Steenrod V 10.3 - the source code as a Maple worksheet
  • Steenrod V 10.3 - the source code as a plain text file
  • Steenrod Help - a Maple worksheet to provide online help
  • Please send any questions, comments, suggestions, or bugs to the author.

        Installation instructions (Windows)

    • To install the Steenrod package follow the installation instructions for the Chaos package.

    Program overview

    The current version of the STEENROD package can:

    • Compute the coproduct map in A and A* (the dual).
    • Compute the product map in A, A*, and tensor products of A, A*
    • Compute chi in both A and A*
    • Compute the action of A on the polynomial ring Z_2[x1,x2,...,xs]
    • Compute the action of the Kristensen stripping operations on A
    • Convert a sum of monomials in Sq(i) to the admissible basis using the Adem relations
    • Convert between the Milnor and admissible monomial bases
    • Compute the excess, degree, and May weight of elements of A
    • Find all of the elements of A in a given grading in either the Milnor or admissible monomial basis
    • Compute the nilpotence height of an element of A
    • Determine if an element of A is in A(n) or not

    In addition it contains a collection of:

    • Number Theoretic Functions (like alpha, nu_2, etc)
    • Linear Algebra mod 2 (a complete set of matrix routines to work mod 2)
    • Dickson Algebra Utilities (for computing in the Dickson algebra)



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